• Artista: Ennio Morricone

Tracce album:

01. Rabbia e tarantella 3:53
02. Ritorno a casa 2:56
03. Dirindindin 2:12
04. Frammenti di sonata 3:04
05. Tradimento 2:36
06. Te Deum laudamus 6:48
07. Allonsanfan (sul lago) 1:38
08. Allonsanfan (ballata) 1:40
09. Rabbia e tarantella (#2) 1:06
10. Te Deum laudamus (#2) 2:11
11. Allonsanfan (fantasmi) 2:12
12. Dirindindin (#2) 0:58
13. Frammenti di sonata (#2) 1:47
14. Ritorno a casa (#2) 1:06
15. Rabbia e tarantella (#3) 2:58


tracks from 7 to 15 previously unreleased

GDM Music releases the complete original motion picture score composed by Ennio Morricone for 'ALLONSANFAN',realized by the Taviani brothers in 1974 and starring Marcello Mastroianni, Mimsy Farmer, Lea Massari and Laura Betti. In 1978 (four years later the movie's theatrical release ) a long-playing was issued by RCA in its Linea Tre series that contained on one side only six tracks of ""Allonsanfan"" while on the B side an other score was featured, "Padre padrone"" by Egisto Macchi. This edition contains 15 tracks and therefore it confers greater visibility to this music score of M° Morricone, among the best ones he has composed for serious Cinema, like the powerful 'Rabbia e tarantella' that it is also the main theme of this soundtrack. For the making of this compact disc stereophonic master tapes have been used, only recently discovered, with better sound quality than previous edition, opportunely restored in digital with the supervision of Maestro Morricone himself and the booklet with eight colour pages contains rare archive photos and vintage "memorabilia".